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    Huiao Digital Video Recorder with AI

    Release time:2020.05.27

    According to statistics, about 1.25 million lives are lost in road traffic accidents every year in the world, which means that about 3,500 people die in traffic accidents every day in the world. Among all the traffic accidents, the ones caused by blind spots and driver behavior account for the highest proportion. The artificial intelligence (AI) technology with accumulated technical experience in image processing, pattern recognition, and deep learning, the company has developed new smart products equipped with face recognition, behavior analysis and status warning function, which is intergrated to Dash Camera,Mobile DVR,which helps the transport operator to reduce the accident caused by dangerous driving.HUIAO Deep AI Driver FATIGUE Manager System-DMS.jpg

    Fatigue Driving Warning Device Detection Items

    Detecting Items
    Alarm Activation Conditions
    Leave Driver Seat
    Alarm will be activated if there is no face detected in the camera after 3 seconds
    Close Eyes
     Alarm will be activated if the driver keeps closing eyes for 3 seconds
    Make Phone Call
     Alarm will be activated if the driver keeps making phone call for 3 seconds
    Sleep Driving
     Alarm will be activated if the driver keeps yawning for 2 seconds
     Alarm will be activated if the driver keeps smoking for 3 seconds
    Distraction from Driving
     Alarm will be activated if the driver keeps looking at left or right for 5 seconds

    Case Study
    Smart Bus Solution
    The Advanced Public Transport Management System (APTMS) by Lenz supports transport authorities in the local public transport sector with technological, environmentally-friendly and economic expertise. It offers the dispatchers a constant overview of all operational processes. Any errors or disturbances are quickly detected and eliminated and personnel and vehicle resources are deployed effectively.
    Smart School Bus Solution
    The MDVR equipped in the School Bus will update the working status and video surveillance of the School Bus to control centre, deliver the card validation information to Parents’ mobile app in real time.
    The Smart School Bus System helps school оwnеrs kеерing track of the School Bus Fleet activities for tackling safety of School
    Children to and from their School.
    Logistic Transportation Solution
    In order to improve the goods delivery efficiency, the logistic transportation operators install the Mobile DVR in trucks, to
    track the travelling status of vehicles. If the vehicle is over speed driving, or deviate from the route, the system will alert to the dispatcher.
    The Driver Monitoring System will monitor the poor driving behavior, to decrease the accident rate during the goods
    Smart Sanitation Truck Solution
    The Smart Sanitation Truck Monitoring System receives the travelling data from MDVR, to record the status of garbage trucks: when it starts to work, whether it deviated from the region and whether it is over speed driving. It delivers a high efficient dispatching of garbage trucks through the two way communication system supplied by the solution.

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