• Driving Monitor System

    AI Fatigue Driving Monitoring System Technology

    According to statistics, about 1.25 million lives are lost in road traffic accidents every year in the world, which means that about 3,500 people die in traffic accidents every day in the world. Among all the traffic accidents, the ones caused by blind spots and driver behavior account for the highest proportion. It is becoming more and more important that the vehicle with advanced automotive electronics technology with a new generation of artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Huiao has developed new DVR with dual Lens with face recognition, behavior analysis and driver fature warning system.The Driver Monitoring System will provides the transport operation company with an intuitive interface for monitoring the driver behaviour in real time. It delivers the high definition video surveillance, the detail alarm reports of driver behaviour as well as the real time location of vehicles on map. The operator could intervene to the vehicle operation, to reduce the accident rate.HUIAO Deep AI Driver FATIGUE Manager System-DMS.jpg

    Face Recognition Technology

    The face recognition technology is to collect dynamic facial images of the driver; then convert the biological features of the driver such as face type, eye spacing, single or double eyelid into data features and perform intelligent analysis. The technology identifies the driver by comparing the data to the registered identity image features. If an unregistered identity is recognized, the system will trigger an alert and activate the recording function, which will effectively prevent the vehicle from being stolen and be used for subsequent investigation and evidence collection.

    Fatigue Driving Monitoring Technology

    Fatigue driving monitoring technology is basis of Face recognition to detect the fatigue driving(yawning,closing eyes

    Once the driver is detected to be fatigue driving, the system will immediately trigger a warning to wake up the driver and start recording at the same time to avoid serious accidents. Detection items:

    Detecting Items
    Alarm Activation Conditions
    Leave Driver Seat
    Alarm will be activated if there is no face detected in the camera after 3 seconds
    Close Eyes
     Alarm will be activated if the driver keeps closing eyes for 3 seconds
    Make Phone Call
     Alarm will be activated if the driver keeps making phone call for 3 seconds
    Sleep Driving
     Alarm will be activated if the driver keeps yawning for 2 seconds
     Alarm will be activated if the driver keeps smoking for 3 seconds
    Distraction from Driving
     Alarm will be activated if the driver keeps looking at left or right for 5 seconds

    Huiao DMS Device Features:

    HUIAO Deep AI Driver FATIGUE Manager System-DMS-2.jpg

    With dual Camera high definition alarm recording FHD1080P+HD720P

    With GPS module recording actual speed and location

    With WIFI module via Android APP by connecting the device  

    With infrared light, driver status can be effectively detected with low light condition.